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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol in various forms is consumed by many and generally people do not understand when to call it a problem and there is harm due to generalisation. Hence it is very important that people understand what alcoholism is. Even before we understand what is alcoholism let's get to know the different stages or categories of alcohol use. There are many around us who drink alcohol only during some occasions otherwise they do not even think about alcohol but there are around us who do nothing but drink alcohol and would be facing problems in various areas of life due to alcohol. The above mentioned examples are two ends of the spectrum we need to understand. Let's see the same. .

Alcohol users are those who drink alcohol on occasions or for recreational purposes. The person has no other issues due to intake of alcohol. Unfortunately even this so called normal alcohol use can be dangerous like leading to road accidents, inappropriate behaviours or even violence..

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction treatment is helpful and commonly used for psycho active drugs which all act on brain leading to both short term as well as long term problems but not limited to physical also to psychological, emotional and sociological areas of the person using or abusing the drug.Like for any other addictions, there are various stages like abuse, dependence and some harmful use. Basically all these drugs are chemicals which work in the brain by hijacking normal communication systems of brain cells thereby creating many problems

Although these drugs mimic normal brain chemicals, but they lead to abnormal communication in brain or abnormal release of certain chemicals in the brain leading to various behavioural and psychological problems. Hence depending on the specifics of the addiction, drug addiction treatment can take many different forms and proves to be helpful in completely treating the problem.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis is condition in which the person has * Addiction Problem and along with this * Mental Illness like Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression or Anxiety etc,.This is a complex and serious problem as we need to help the person with 2 important and interdependent problems. It is very well known today that people who abuse drugs including alcohol have higher than normal people to develop Mental illnesses and people who have mental health problems have higher tendency to abuse drugs.

being a professional organisation where specially trained professionals at the outset assess the condition and manage medically and psycho socially the condition, so that the person is able to come out of the problem without much complexities. .

Behavioural Addiction and Gambling

Behavioural addiction is similar to Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the sense of a particular behaviour replacing alcohol and drugs leading to various problems in personal and other areas of a person's life .

Behavioural addiction is a pattern of behaviour which follows a cycle similar to that of substances. The Behavioural addiction generally begins with the experience of pleasure in association with behaviour and seeking that behaviour. Initially it starts as a way of enhancing their experience of life and later as a way of coping with stress and tension. Eventually the process of seeking out and engaging in the behaviour becomes more frequent and ritualised until it becomes a significant part of the person's daily life overtaking all other activities giving pleasure earlier.

Dovecote Rehabilitation Centre - Rehabilitation Centre in Madurai, De addiction Centre in Madurai