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Interior design for commercial spaces is fundamentally different from residential interior design.

This includes choosing the right color scheme, furniture, and decor that suit the company’s brand and overall vision. Commercial spaces are often designed with a specific demographic in mind such as young professionals, families, or seniors.

Residential Interior Design

This includes the selection of furniture, wall color and finishes, flooring, window treatments, and other decorative elements that make up a home.

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design is focused on creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that is designed to accommodate the purpose of the business or organization.

Office Interior Design

It's important to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Consider the following when designing an office interior.

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Knowing the target demographic is key to creating a successful space that meets the needs and expectations of both customers and employees. The design process for a commercial space begins with creating a comprehensive plan that outlines the goals and expectations for the space. This plan should consider the style of the space, the type of furniture and fixtures to be used, and the materials needed for the job. Once the plan is in place, designers can begin creating visualizations and mockups of the space to help visualize the end result. These specialists help ensure that the space is optimized for comfort and productivity, as well as creating an attractive design. In addition, designers must also consider the functionality of the space, such as the layout.